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Welcome to the Day of Immunology Links page.  Here you can access a wide range of resources to help people of all ages learn about immunology.

  • Internet resources contains links to basic information about immunology and vaccination, as well as links to sites with more detailed information for students.
  • Videos contains great animations and films about immunology, including the winning video of our own Day of Immunology primary school competition in 2011.
  • Educational games contains fun games to teach you about your immune cells and immune system.
  • Books includes downloadable publications on immunology and vaccination and a link to the online interactive book “Your Amazing Immune System – how it protects your body” produced and directed by the European Federation of Immunological Societies.
  • Immunology in Melbourne contains links to Australian medical research societies and immunology research centres in Melbourne as well as to websites related to topics covered by past Day of Immunology public lectures in Melbourne.
  • Podcasts contains immunology interviews and information available to download.
  • News includes the latest updates related immunology and events.